We offer full service data cleaning and retargeting services. Working with data for both large, film features and AAA games, we’ve collaborated with teams big and small to deliver on time and on budget.

The animation services we offer include retargeting, scene assembly, cleaning, and motion editing.

Retargeting – In this process, we take the data we capture and retarget it directly onto your rigs. We also offer time with our Animation Supervisor to ensure that the characterization is to your specific requirements.

Scene Assembly – We offer this service to ensure all relevant characters are assembled into the same file to ensure correct alignment between performances and character data.

Data Cleaning – While Xsens delivers high quality data through its HD reprocessing, all motion capture data still comes with hiccups. To solve this, our animation team can clean out pops, jitter, jumps, and foot sliding to deliver animation data on par with optical.

Motion Editing – We offer various tiers of motion editing that include basic contact cleanup, to one to one motion editing for higher fidelity capture you might see in film or cinematics.


Mortal Kombat 1
Destiny 2: Season of the Worthy (Bungie, 2020)
Hood: Outlaws & Legends (Focus Home Interactive, 2021)
Meg Myers – The Underground (Official Music Video, 2021)
Violent Rhythm
Kombot (Coming Soon)
Cabin Fever (2020)
Kung Fu vs. Zombies (2020)