Talent and Auditioning

With a talent roster that spans 20 years in stunts and 10 years in performance and motion capture, we have an exhaustive list of talent to fit any project. Whether you need dramatic performances, military specialists, or wire riggers, we got you covered. In addition, given our proximity to Cirque du Soleil, we also have a roster of talent with backgrounds as varied as contortionists, acrobats, and trickers.


Finding and keeping high-level stunt talent who understand animation is hard. Our extensive stunt roster of local Cirque du Soleil and Los Angeles-based talent allows us the flexibility to find performers who match your unique needs. Our casting experience will help you find and keep talent for your project.

Services included

  • Specialized talent
  • Motion capture talent training
  • Stunt & talent casting
  • Recorded auditions

OUR Talent and Auditioning WORK